Therapeutic Tourism is a selective form of tourism with significant economic advantages. It is the tourism form with the least negative effects of any adverse circumstances and can be providing during a twelve- month season. The demand for spa tourism in Greece is characterized by strong seasonality, particularly in large spas. The same conclusions apply to the Albanian side with main characteristic the lack of modern and proper services and relevant infrastructures.

The project boosts the spa-tourism by promoting c-b thermal springs. To this end, it is mainly based on Master Plans, Benchmarking Analysis, Place Branding techniques & capacity building aiming in particular to:

(a) Identify the assets, Drawbacks & marketing necessities on the c-b thermal resources,

(b) Promote themral tourism and sustainability within the c-b area,

(c) Establish a Joint Strategy based on focused place marketing and pilot actions,

(d) Conduct benchmarking analysis among the top European spas and spas in the c-b area,

(e) Develop Customized Touristic Packages on “Thermal Tourism”,

(f) Establish Local Quality Agreements & Pilot actions,

(g) Create network of new thematic forms of tourism such as “SPA tourism” and

(h) Invest in capacity building.

This project will bring together all the involved stakeholders to collaborate and act in concert in order to accomplish shared goals.