The specific objectives of the project could be summarized as follows:

  • Identify the assets, drawbacks, marketing necessities on the c-b thermal resources.
  • Promote thermal tourism and sustainability within the c-b area.
  • Establish a Joint Brand Strategy based on focused place marketing and pilot actions.
  • Conduct benchmarking analysis among the top European spas and spas in the c-b area.
  • Reduce defragmentation and achieve better coordination, effectiveness and cost-efficiency of promotional actions and policies by axploiting synergies.
  • Develop Customized Touristic Packages on “Thermal Tourism”.
  • Address and attract new target groups referring to spa incoming tourism.
  • Create a network of new thematic forms of tourism such as “SPA tourism”.
  • Invest in capacity building involving training activities, and interactive laboratories.
  • Enhance networking & visibility through study visits for journalists.
  • Create new jobs and business opportunities.
  • Establish Local Quality Agreements & Pilot actions.

To this end, the project seeks the stablishment of a solid and stable platform of cooperation generating economies of scale and providing opportunities to exploid the comparative advantages that the region offers.